Author :Gina Steadman

Gina Steadman is the records management and field solutions product manager for Hexagon's Safety & Infrastructure division. After a successful law enforcement career, she joined Hexagon in 2003 as a CAD/mobile trainer. Gina then moved to the U.S. Sales team as an application engineer in 2006, and in 2010 she joined the development organization. Most recently, Gina has been the product manager of Mobile for Public Safety (MPS) and succeeded in enhancing the product based on customer needs and expectations. In addition to her product manager role, Gina has contributed as a functional designer and workflow expert for many other products, including Mobile Responder. As the product manager for our records management and field solutions, Gina has been dedicated to meeting customer needs and expectations for the entire suite. Gina lives outside of Denver, Colorado, with her partner and two young girls. You will find them all skiing, biking, or training for Ironman races in their spare time.

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