Are You Ready for Next Gen 9-1-1?

The goal of next-generation communications is to enable emergency call centers to engage with today’s mobile society, which increasingly communicates via a wide variety of media beyond the landline telephone. In the new era of mobility and smart devices, citizens are using voice, text, video, photos, and even social media to send information to public safety answering points (PSAPs) and request emergency assistance.

But the move toward next-generation communications presents enormous challenges for public safety agencies across North America, Europe, and the Asia-Pacific region. As is so often true with technological innovation, it can be difficult to differentiate challenge from opportunity because one creates the other. Such is the case with next-generation communications – often called Next-Generation 911, 112, or others depending upon the regional emergency call number.

In our new article “Are You Ready for Next Gen 9-1-1”, we explore many of challenges and opportunities that next-generation communication present today’s dispatch centers,including:

  • Managing the growing demands on PSAPs
  • Integrating call-handling with computer-aided dispatch software
  • Receiving media and other rich data associated with calls
  • Connecting to multiple sensors and warning systems

Next-generation emergency communications is one of the most challenging, yet exciting, opportunities for public safety agencies in decades.

Think you’re ready for next gen 9-1-1? Download the full article today!

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