Embracing inclusion with Hexagon and the Gil Gayarre Foundation

Hexagon’s Safety, Infrastructure & Geospatial division is committed to providing a culture of respect and inclusion. Diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) initiatives are part of Hexagon’s focus to operate sustainably and enable sustainable technology development. The goal is to bring individuals, organizations and communities together to help those in need, improve quality of life and create a positive change in society.

Volunteering with the Gil Gayarre Foundation

Our Spanish team has collaborated with the Gil Gayarre Foundation in Madrid the last three years. In mid-April, we held our yearly event that benefits people with intellectual disabilities. This amazing experience becomes more touching and motivational every time.

Hexagon’s Safety, Infrastructure & Geospatial division Country Manager José Luis Peinado Moreno led the team with enthusiasm as they embarked on a day full of education, humor and friendship. They explored the world of crafts together and gained personal knowledge of the products the Foundation creates. Every minute is important, whether they are making little notebooks, neck pillows or even experimenting with recycled paper and resin products for keychains and bookmarks. 

Changing day-to-day routines

Peinado Moreno gave an insightful presentation, highlighting the results of Q1 2024, and shared some exciting news. The office space is being moved to a more convenient business location! After the presentation, the team dove headfirst into bonding activities. 

“Stepping away from the fast-paced business routine for a few hours and immersing ourselves in the Foundation’s work gave us a humbling experience and changed our perspective on our daily routine,” said Peinado Moreno. “Working hand in hand with the Foundation’s people is important to me because it reshapes my values.” 

Explore the value of inclusion

Moments like these remind us of the value of inclusivity, generosity and the immense satisfaction that comes from giving back to our community.  

Learn more about Hexagon’s sustainability strategies. 

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