Webinar: Future-proofing your fiber network

EPB in Chattanooga launched America’s first communitywide Gig-speed internet in 2010, later expanding the ubiquitously available service to 10 Gig in 2015 and 25 Gig in 2022. Since EPB Fiber Optics first began offering connectivity services a little over a decade ago, its market share has grown to nearly 80% of the service area. 

Today, using the HxGN NetWorks portfolio from Hexagon, EPB can evolve its data model to include the logical components of the network, increase the fidelity of data and make a commitment to increased precision of both physical and logical assets. 

In this on-demand webinar, hear valuable lessons learned that could help other fiber providers prepare for tomorrow by future-proofing their networks to withstand potential challenges and accommodate ever-increasing demand for data transmission. 

Experts from EPB and Hexagon share ways to future-proof your fiber network, including: 

  • Building a resilient architecture to reduce outage response times 
  • Enhancing throughput with capacity planning and increased backhaul 
  • Utilizing advanced electronics to increase speeds and lower latency 
  • Analyzing network traffic with dynamic data modeling 
  • Continuously improving data fidelity 

Watch the webinar here.

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