Tracking Yohann’s bike trip through Southeast Asia with M.App Enterprise

On April 8, Yohann Ly, supervisor and technical lead for Hexagon’s Safety, Infrastructure & Geospatial division in France, embarks on his biggest adventure: A 3,000-kilometre journey through Southeast Asia on his bike.

Yohann will be on his saddle for seven weeks in temperatures around 30 degrees Celsius. He will begin his trek once his plane lands in Hanoi, and he’ll be off, biking through Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, and Cambodia; he’ll end his journey in the Southern part of Vietnam in Ho Chi Minh City.

Traveling technology

Combining his love of travel and technology with his love of sport, Yohann came up with the idea to bring the BLK2GO and use it along with M.App Enterprise to document his biking trip.

The latest version of M.App Enterprise offers the option to make applications available to the public. Yohann created a public application on which has uploaded his biking path on the map view. In the first panel on the left he shared some information on his trip, and he will keep updating the “dashboard” and “scans” panels during his journey.

On the dashboard panel he’ll add some statistics about his trip, such as the distance he rode every day, the daily minimum and maximum temperature and the elevation profile of his route.

Immersive experience

“M.App Enterprise’s public application is the ideal tool to let my friends, family and co-workers keep track of my journey. I will try to update the application every day if I have a stable enough internet connection,” says Yohann.

“Creating this live dashboard was an easy task. Just select a template, connect to the data you want to work on and pick the widgets you want to see in the application. The dashboard is live, allowing the users to get the most up-to-date data of my journey, but also to dynamically filter the data to understand my cycling conditions along the way (temperature, elevation, distance, etc.).”

We’re wishing Yohann a safe trip, and we’ll be following him through his M.App Enterprise dashboard! Click here to see Yohann’s route, his statistics and his captures with the BLK2GO.

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