Thinking About Moving to the Cloud? The Time is Now

As the public safety industry explores how it can better use technology to improve operations, more agencies are turning to the cloud to enhance security, make more efficient use of resources, and enable greater resilience for the future.

While there are many different deployment options for agencies looking to move to the cloud, in this blog, we’ll discuss software as a service (SaaS)-based public safety solutions and how they can help your agency be better prepared for tomorrow.

What is the cloud?

The cloud is a web-based network of servers that allows agencies to store and access data and software from anywhere. Built by a trusted IT provider with your agency’s security and compliance needs in mind, SaaS public safety solutions help organizations drive savings, ensure their data and systems are safe, and increase operational efficiency.

In the past, the public safety industry has been hesitant to fully embrace cloud capabilities, but times are changing. A survey by Deloitte found 62% of governments have moved at least some applications to the cloud, while more than two-thirds say they now require a degree of cloud access to be successful at work.

Benefits of cloud migration

With more people using smartphones, tablets, laptops, and wearable devices, moving your systems to the cloud is a great option. As you consider SaaS public safety software for your agency, check out the list of benefits below:

  • The cloud is just as secure as your on-prem systems, if not more.
  • The cloud is an affordable alternative to on-prem solutions.
  • The cloud is continually up-to-date without added costs.
  • The cloud has a proven track record for reliability.
  • The cloud is beneficial for public safety agencies of all sizes and scopes of mission.
  • The cloud frees existing IT staff to focus on higher-value initiatives and projects.

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Moving Public Safety to the Cloud

In our new e-book, discover how transitioning to the cloud can help you increase flexibility, improve collaboration, and unlock your agency’s full potential.

You can also explore HxGN OnCall, our new public safety portfolio spanning call-taking and dispatch, records, analytics, major event management, and mobility solutions. HxGN OnCall deployed as SaaS public safety software is easily configurable and accessed via browsers and mobile apps.

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