The 3 Fundamental Principles of inPURSUIT WebRMS

Although Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure is not the first solution provider to offer a records management system (RMS) to law enforcement agencies, we are the first to offer modern and innovative technological capabilities with our RMS. With law enforcement agencies facing smaller budgets amid rising service quality expectations, inPURSUIT WebRMS is a web-based solution that can support and empower agencies looking for technical efficiencies to streamline day-to-day operations.

Here are the three fundamental principles that helped shape and create inPURSUIT WebRMS:

1. Flexibility
One aspect that makes WebRMS truly unique is its flexibility as a technology solution. Many information management solutions force agencies to fit to the solution’s operational requirements and practices. WebRMS has the versatility to be customized to fit the individual processes and workflows of an agency. This is due to a number of factors:

  • Due to its thin-client nature, this secure browser-based RMS is very easy to operate and manage.
  • WebRMS uses modern technology and industry-standard frameworks that support future expansion and investment longevity.
  • WebRMS has support for Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, or any Hibernate-supported database, ensuring familiar accessibilityand administration, and lowering costs.
  • WebRMS is support multiple langauges, including in English and French, which gives Canadian agencies the opportunity to store data in both official languages.

2. Scalability
WebRMS supports single agency and multi-agency use, configurations, and workflows, which creates an information sharing environment. Since it is a cloud-deployable solution it provides officers, command centers, managers, and other user’s access to essential data from virtually anywhere. Information can be accessed inside the organization (on-premise) using a PC or desktop computer or outside (off-premise) on a mobile device or tablet, all thatis needed is a standard web browser and access to the internet. This means there’s no need to load software on local workstations or to update and upgrade software versions. WebRMS can be deployed very quickly whether you’re scaling your number of users up or down.

WebRMS also seamlessly integrates with I/CAD, third-party CAD, and mobile incident management systems to ensure data is streamlined and accurate. It has native interfacing capabilities that support easy integrations with the help of integration platform EdgeFrontier.

3. Configurability
We mentioned above that WebRMS can be configured to fit an agency’s requirements and operations, not the other way around. This doesn’t just have to do with the technology and code behind the software, but it can be applied to how the solution works as well. WebRMS graphic user interface can be designed and organized in a way that reflects your organizations logo and design preferences to improve users experience.

WebRMS also offers analytics capabilities which is a huge differentiator for record management systems on the market. Most systems require users to conduct searches or generate reports to discover data, each time having to go into the analytics tool and search each query one-by-one. WebRMS allows users to set up automatic notifications which pro-actively alert users as information becomes available or changes.

If you would like to learn more about how WebRMS is configured or its analytics capabilities, register for our upcoming webcast on April 19. During our webcast we will discuss these benefits of inPURSUIT WebRMS as well as its analytical reporting capabilities.

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