Reducing false alarms and URDs (It’s easier than you think)​

In the rail industry, unplanned rail disruptions (URDs) are a main point of contention when it comes to customer satisfaction. Accurate, real-time data that is easily communicated can be key to avoiding unwanted outcomes. Using modern 3D surveillance, technology can home in on issues and transmit that data quickly and efficiently, securing high-value, sensitive areas and reducing false alarms.

Modern 3D security and surveillance systems go beyond traditional 2D security cameras by incorporating sensor platforms that integrate LiDAR, thermal sensors, video and 3D planning and tracking software for high-value areas, perimeters and zones. 3D surveillance is a game-changing technology that revolutionizes the way in which incidents are detected and raised as alarms, dramatically lowering false alarm rates.

The 3D surveillance component is necessary, and the addition of intelligent analytics that fuse data sources together presents the entire picture. Monitor rail yards and assets to stop or deter theft or vandalism; tunnel entries, stations or other areas to ensure smooth operations; and passenger safety or railway crossings to prevent incidents with automobiles or pedestrians.

A combination of fixed and mobile sensors enables better monitoring and automated detection of potential safety impacts. Manual processes to analyze and harness collected data to improve safety are no longer an option due to time and labor constraints. Automation based on AI is the future of rail operations and will be the foundation for success in creating safer railways.

Find out more in this interview with Global Railway Review, in which Carl-Thomas Schneider, vice president of business development for Hexagon Geosystems and Jack Williams, director of portfolio marketing for Hexagon’s Safety, Infrastructure & Geospatial division, explain how Hexagon’s new Security & Surveillance portfolio for rail unites 3D surveillance systems with best-in-class security, dispatching and collaboration software.

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