Meeting the needs of multiple-agency partnerships in the cloud

Public safety agencies working together to meet the needs of a region means citizens are more protected, enabling a better quality of life for everyone. In the age of digital transformation, however, those partnerships rely on the integration of systems or the implementation of one system across multiple agencies- police, fire, ambulance, emergency management, and other municipal entities- to be more effective and efficient.

Increasingly, public safety systems are cloud-based, and especially for those regions that rely on multiple-agency partnerships, they need to be able to handle the scale, complexity, and unpredictability that come with rapidly changing, multi-dimensional incidents and needs.

Cloud considerations

The advantages of moving emergency services systems such as computer-aided dispatch (CAD) to the cloud are clear: greater access, flexible connectivity, and communication through a secure, accessible cloud platform can result in considerable improvements to safety and resilience. With these improvements come informed, timely decisions; effective use of resources; and increased understanding and engagement—all leading to reinforced trust in public institutions.

When considering a cloud-based system for a multi-agency partnership, it is essential that the system be able to scale to meet the capacity needed on any given day, whether that be for a major incident, natural disaster, day-to-day routine calls, or communitywide events.

How Hexagon can help

Hexagon has successfully delivered such complex solutions to many agencies globally, providing interoperability solutions for multiple sub-agencies by segmenting data specific to an organization, allowing agencies to push data back in real-time. The multi-directional communication and data sharing create a free flow of information between agencies, creating better situational awareness and improving incident response capabilities.

“I’ve noticed that public safety CIOs, operational leaders, and decision makers at the forefront of digital leadership are increasingly looking for a consolidated and integrated solution that is built for the cloud…not re-engineered for the cloud, but built from the ground up to take full advantage of the security, advanced analysis and scalability that the cloud provides,” said Director Industry & Portfolio Marketing at Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure, Jack Williams.

The comprehensive, next generation HxGN OnCall portfolio of products encompasses call-taking and dispatch, records, analytics, major event management, and mobility and supports on-premises, customer-hosted, or Software as a Service (SaaS) deployments. With Hexagon’s solutions, call-takers and dispatchers can easily collect and share information among dozens of agencies, including federal government agencies and nearby jurisdictions, in real-time, ensuring fast and appropriate resource management. Mobile technologies extend CAD to mobile devices, heightening situational awareness for responders in the field.

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