Join Us for Hexagon’s Virtual Transportation Summit

Mark your calendars: it’s almost time for our annual Transportation Summit. Please join us online on July 8 to discover the cutting-edge transportation solutions we’re developing to meet the needs not only of the transportation industry in general, but also of your specific agency. New technologies have made managing and monitoring your network easier and more efficient than ever, and we’re excited to show you how.

The COVID-19 pandemic and associated safety measures are causing us to take the summit online this year. Even though gathering in person is invaluable, I am sure that you have also noticed how quickly we all as professionals have adapted to the “new normal” and switched to videoconferencing and virtual meetings. I have no doubt this virtual summit will be no different and will lead to fruitful exchanges and new insights.

The summit will be a great opportunity to learn. North American transportation experts will share the latest industry research, product development news, and solution presentations. The sessions will expand on several current industry trends and projected future areas of interest, among them:

  • Enhancing the safety and performance of your transportation network
  • Rapidly collecting roadway assets without disrupting traffic
  • Protecting your transportation network and assets with OS/OW permitting and routing
  • Connecting your users with one-minute data management
  • The future of Hexagon’s transportation solutions
  • How technology can facilitate remote network management post-COVID-19

While I hope to return to an in-person live event in the years to come, I believe this year’s virtual summit will offer useful information in a convenient format. I encourage you to make plans to attend and learn about the most recent advancements in transportation to see how location intelligence can benefit you. Register today and submit a question for our team!

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