HxGN OnCall Analytics: A Complete Public Safety Analytics Suite

With the recent launch of HxGN OnCall, it’s important to discuss what this next-generation product portfolio brings to the world of public safety. By building on nearly three decades of domain expertise and leveraging cutting-edge technology, we created the most comprehensive public safety solutions portfolio on the market today.

As the product manager for HxGN OnCall Analytics, I believe we’ve developed a cohesive public safety analytics suite that increases operational agility and helps agencies adapt to changing demands more easily. By deploying HxGN OnCall Analytics with HxGN OnCall Dispatch, agencies of all sizes can build safer, more resilient communities – and it all starts with an increased capacity to both acquire and utilize data.

Why HxGN OnCall Analytics?


Expanding scope of mission and increased demand have stretched public safety agencies’ resources. They urgently need to harness operational data to inform operations and strategy, but also to build public understanding and support.

Policing Vision 2025, a national report by UK police chiefs stated, “Most forces do not have a thorough evidence-based understanding of demand, which makes it difficult for them to transform services intelligently and demonstrate they are achieving value for money.”

Simply put, agencies face a data dichotomy – acquiring ever more sources of data while facing increasing challenges to harness it for developing clear operational insights. This is where HxGN OnCall Analytics comes in. By unifying data and providing easy-to-use tools, HxGN OnCall provides clear insights that allow agencies to make smarter decisions and easily explore complex data.

Benefits of HxGN OnCall Analytics


As a suite of public safety data visualization and analytics products, HxGN OnCall Analytics creates a single source of truth all users can explore, analyze, and share. It quickly turns raw, fragmented data into knowledge, enabling agencies to respond more effectively to incidents and major events. Let’s explore some of the benefits of using HxGN OnCall Analytics within your agency.

Unlocks Valuable Data Assets — A city’s quality of life and reputation are directly linked to safety and security. With HxGN OnCall Analytics, public safety agencies acquire a strong foundation on which to quickly develop accurate and reliable reporting and analysis. HxGN OnCall Analytics allows users of all backgrounds to confidently develop and share insights and for leaders to make thoughtful decisions and improve public trust.

Empowers Public Safety Staff & Leaders — Now more than ever, agencies must make decisions based on facts and discover unseen patterns and trends within their operations. This is where HxGN OnCall Analytics really shines. With easy-to-use, business-ready reports and dashboards, more staff can visualize data, run reports, and conduct analysis to improve performance and productivity.

Builds Trust & Transparency — The last decade has seen a drastic shift in the way the public responds to service providers. We now live in a culture of instant gratification,where citizens, government authorities, and the media demand fast answers and access to detailed information. HxGN OnCall Analytics allows organizations to easily share clear reports and analyses to build trust and transparency with the community.

Visualize Data in New Ways – HxGN OnCall Analytics provides interactive visual reports and dashboards that allow agencies to adapt out-of-the-box content for assessing, reporting, and optimizing public safety tasks. This public safety analytics suite also includes spatial analysis, visualization, and playback capabilities that give agencies a better understanding of event sequences and incident patterns. In HxGN OnCall Analytics, map controls include location-based information plotting, pin and hotspot mapping, dynamic clustering, geospatial filtering, and more. And to top it all off, a powerful data warehouse supports these advantages, enabling third-party software access and data integration capabilities across your agency.



HxGN OnCall Analytics is much more than a conventional reporting solution — it’s a comprehensive public safety analytics suite that gives more users the tools they need to unlock their data and turn it into invaluable insights.

Experience the difference with HxGN OnCall Analytics.

Jack Williams
HxGN OnCall Analytics Product Manager

To learn more about HxGN OnCall Analytics, visit our product page.

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