How Bell County Texas Leverages inPURSUIT WebRMS

Big data. The phrase is a familiar chapter in the narrative on enterprise technology. Organizations are awash in data. And nowhere is this more true than in law enforcement.

Incident response, traffic stops, field interviews, casework, investigations, asset and fleet management, and crime analysis are everyday activities that add up to large amounts of data for law enforcement agencies.  Any law enforcement agency can collect this data; however, today’s forward-thinking agencies are implementing solutions to manage, share, and make sense of quickly growing data sets.

Last month, Intergraph launched inPURSUIT WebRMS, a cloud-deployable records management system for law enforcement agencies. inPURSUIT serves all facets of law enforcement operations and administration, making records management, CAD integration, and interagency data sharing seamless.

In this recent HxGN LIVE TV episode, I talk with Bell County Texas’ Kenneth Brogdon, information technology director, and Mark La Vigne, network and records management administrator, about their recent cut over to inPURSUIT WebRMS. Hear first-hand their reasons for updating their system and how agencies can benefit from new deployments.

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