Igniting young students’ passion for space and spatial technologies

Hexagon has continued its decades long dedication to education and academia by sparking and nurturing students’ curiosity for the spectacular fields of space, satellites and remote sensing. Brilliant Remote Sensing-Labs (BRS-Labs) offered the second version of its K12 Space & Satellite Technology School Program with Hexagon technology to students from the Kingdom of Bahrain. 

Program selection and success

The National Space Science Agency (NSSA) of the Kingdom of Bahrain sponsored the program both this year and last. Bahrain has nationwide endeavors to promote the general knowledge and public perception of space science and satellite technology. The Ministry of Education teamed up with the NSSA to offer the program for two years to selected students from five schools. The schools included three governmental and two private/international middle and high schools. Two schools achieved a success rate of 80%: Madinet Isa and Noor Al-Diyar. They were awarded the Certified Space Technology School certificate. The students were thrilled by this eye-opening experience. 

“Today, we celebrate the amazing achievements of our participating students who worked hard to acquire new knowledge,” said NSSA CEO Dr. Mohamed Al-Aseeri. “We are proud of their dedication and relentless pursuit to expand their perception and knowledge in this dynamic field. At NSSA, we are accustomed to cooperating with various community institutions to spread the awareness of space science and its applications because of its great importance in creating sustainable space sector in the Kingdom of Bahrain. The cooperation with the Ministry of Education will continue to serve the students and educate them about the important sciences of the future.” 

BRS-Labs students being awarded certificates by their male teacher. There is a logo that says "Britus International School Bahrain" in white text on a blue background.

What does the program teach?

The program was offered online through the K12 Space Science & Satellites Academy, BRS-labs’ online educational portal. This e-learning academy is meant to be the first access point for middle and high school students to a specialized theoretical and practical exploration into the world of space, satellites and remote sensing. The academy offers three independent programs: an introductory program on space and satellites technology, a program on satellite imagery interpretation and understanding and a two-level program on remote sensing. The two-level program includes a theoretical introductory level and a practical class with multiple hands-on practices. The practical class is based entirely on Hexagon’s remote sensing and imagery analysis software, ERDAS IMAGINE. 

“It’s wonderful to see so many young students interested in spatial sciences and wanting to expand their knowledge in this exciting field,” commented Mike Lane, global education manager at Hexagon’s Safety, Infrastructure & Geospatial division. “Satellites play a crucial role in the field of spatial sciences, particularly in remote sensing, providing essential data that contributes to our understanding of the world.  We use remote sensing image to accomplish many things in studying how the world changes. As we know, the only constant in life is change. So, there will always be a need to capture and analyze imagery. Hexagon is proud to partner with Brilliant Remote Sensing-Labs to provide you with the world leading remote sensing software ERDAS IMAGINE, and the world leading remote sensing curriculum, the Remote Sensing Portal. At Hexagon we’re happy to provide the software and technology to enrich the education experience and offer the opportunity for practical hands-on exercises to supplement remote sensing theory. Together, we support students with the best tools to learn this important field.” 

Three teachers, two women and a man, awarding a BRS-Labs student with a certificate. There is a logo that says "Britus International School Bahrain" in white text on a blue background.

Expanding education with BRS-Labs

“I would like to thank the NSSA and the Ministry of Education of the Kingdom of Bahrain for the effort and successful management of this unique educational program that specializes in one of the pillars of the 21st century technology” said BRS-Labs Executive Director Ayman Salem. “I am also pleased to congratulate the schools that participated in the program and congratulate the students who obtained our certificates. I would also like to thank Hexagon Safety, Infrastructure & Geospatial division for providing ERDAS IMAGINE, the same software used in international space agencies and leading major institutions in the field. Finally, we had the honor to achieve a wonderful success story for our educational program in the Kingdom of Bahrain and I wish our students a continued success and excellence, and that other schools from around the world to benefit from our K12 Space & Satellite Technology School Program to achieve similar success stories to what was seen here.” 

A man and a woman appear on screen, a screenshot from the video linked in the text below. There are two logos: Red text that says NSSA and white text that says Hexagon + BRS Labs with each company's logo.

Check this video of the online celebration event of the first year program 

BRS-Labs is the first company worldwide to develop a specialized e-learning platform for remote sensing education, testing and certification including both theoretical and practical training: the Remote Sensing Portal. The practical part is based on Hexagon’s ERDAS IMAGINE software. In 2018, Hexagon announced BRS-Labs as the first global Developing Education Partner. In 2020, the Egyptian Space Agency (EgSA) selected BRS-Labs to establish its own e-learning platform, “EgSA Space Technology Portal,” and to run the portal’s brand awareness and digital reputation for about two years. EgSA Space Technology Portal is based on BRS-Labs’ Learning Management System (LMS). In 2021, BRS-Labs added its contribution to the K12-level STEM education: the K12 Space Science & Satellites Academy. 

BRS-Labs has had a thrilling journey as it’s evolved to become a global education developer with recognized products in multiple service areas, providing technical and job-ready skills through two globally distinguished e-learning platforms. After developing these programs, BRS-Labs continued to assist organizations in establishing their own e-learning portals based on BRS-Labs’ rigorously founded LMS, and further expanded to nurture and promote digital brand awareness for e-learning portals. BRS-Labs, as a Hexagon partner, has earned the trust and appreciation of its local and global clients and will continue to extend effort and dedication to advancing its services and products vertically and expand its global outreach horizontally. Hexagon is proud to partner with BRS-Labs and continue the work to extend its education programs worldwide. 

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