5G You Can See: Visualizing Interior Network Coverage

5G networks are vitally important in variety of applications, from manufacturing to healthcare. But these networks are also invisible to the human eye, so without digital help, it can be hard to see what’s going wrong — or right — with the coverage and connectivity in a particular location.

Fortunately, Hexagon’s Luciad technology makes it possible to visualize and analyze the 5G coverage on a local or private wireless network, so you can see signal strength on a color-coded three-dimensional map.

Depicting Wave Strength

With Luciad technology, users get a representation of radio waves inside a building — a factory, for example. The depiction can be used to show the intensity of 5G radio waves throughout the premises.

Hexagon’s 5G visualization can be applied to meet communication requirements in the realms of industry, infrastructure, and public safety. Industry 4.0, the fourth industrial revolution, is powered by wireless communication, so good coverage is key. Depicting the strength of waves by location allows for smart interior planning.

Designing a 5G network with Luciad technology visualization allows users to see how changes, such as antenna positions, affect the coverage. Providing optimal network connectivity for a manufacturing plant ensures that business-critical functions can be monitored.

Network-based services like sales, transportation management, utility provision, and emergency response also use 5G, so it’s important for businesses and governments alike to be able to see the state of coverage within a given structure.

Benefits of 5G Networks

Relying on 5G networks can increase flexibility, productivity, mobility, and connectivity and allow for customization and improved data security. Automation, real-time awareness, risk management, and machine optimization, too, depend on consistently high network performance.

Missions and work are supported, and if necessary, problems can be diagnosed to provide continuity of service even in the face of unpredictable occurrences and partial system failure.

Developing use cases for 5G include remote inspection and monitoring via video (and eventually virtual and augmented reality), so a robust and well-maintained 5G network is vital to futureproofing in both private industry and the public sector.

Visualizing network coverage is the first step to creating a strong, failproof network in any location, and Hexagon’s Luciad portfolio can help you and your organization do just that.

Watch the video below to see Hexagon’s 5G visualization capabilities in action.

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