5 Questions You Must Consider Before Moving to the Cloud

The global cloud market is booming with revenues expected to top $266 billion in 2020. As 90% of companies already use some type of cloud service and more than 80% of enterprise workloads transition in 2020, the advantages of cloud technology are clear.

You’re probably wondering how your public safety agency can leverage cloud technology to improve safety, operations, and resilience. The cloud is great, but is it right for your agency? Before you make the move, you must consider a few questions.

Questions to ask:

1) What’s driving your cloud strategy?

While cloud migration may be inevitable, you need to identify your motivations for doing so first. Why move to the cloud now? Your answer will set the foundation for your agency’s digital transformation journey.

2) What does your cloud roadmap look like?

Consider both the short- and long-term opportunities and consequences of moving to the cloud. How will your agency benefit in the coming years?

3) Are your stakeholders on board?

Support from stakeholders is key to developing strategic goals and ensuring a seamless transition to the cloud.

4) Can your existing systems be integrated?

Take an inventory of your current solutions and how they’re working. How well do they interact with other systems both internally and externally?

5) Are you prepared for change within your agency?

The cloud will transform your systems, staffing, and workplace culture. Be prepared for cloud migration to create a major shift in the way your organization operates.

Want to learn more?

Learn how cloud technology can help your organization by downloading our free e-book today. You can also check out HxGN OnCall, our new software portfolio designed to help public safety agencies of all sizes be more agile and resilient.

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