3 Common Cloud Myths, Debunked

The world is full of misconceptions. And, the cloud is a prime example of the complex world of IT and the myths and misconceptions that plague digital transformation.

Let’s take a look at three truths about the cloud, and the myths they debunk.

Myth: The cloud is just someone else’s computer.

Truth: The cloud is many things, and an agency can choose which parts to use and how to leverage them.

Ever heard the joke, “There’s no such thing as the cloud; it’s just someone else’s computer?” Well, that was true in the early days of the cloud, but it’s far more than simply data storage today.

The cloud started as hardware. Cloud providers ran data centers, helping agencies save money by storing data there instead of their own servers.

The cloud is now a common platform where people can collaborate without building shared infrastructure. That’s because the cloud isn’t in anyone’s data center – it’s an (almost) neutral place where you don’t have to put the plumbing in to make the platform happen.

The cloud is also softwarethat runs on platforms. The fact is, there are many capabilities you can leverage in the cloud, and only in the cloud, like artificial intelligence and machine learning. Finally, security and resilience services ensure your data is safe and your system’s running.

Myth: Consumers aren’t ready to embrace the cloud.

Truth: Consumers are using the cloud and its capabilities whether they realize it or not.

A family member recently told me they didn’t trust the cloud, and they’d never use it.

I asked them if they had done any of the following things in the last week:

  • Streamed a TV show
  • Used online banking
  • Checked social media
  • Ordered food delivery

Turns out, the family member uses the cloud each day because they want the instant, end-to-end service experience that the cloud enables in the palm of their hand.

At the end of the day, the public may not completely understand what the cloud is, but they can appreciate its value. By putting critical data in the cloud, you can have a richer experience in that way.

Myth: Local, state, and federal governments aren’t ready to move to the cloud.

Truth: Government agencies have embraced the cloud and are leveraging its capabilities.

In the not so distant past, sellers could be kicked out of police chiefs’ offices for just saying the word “cloud.”

But, in just a couple of years, the government market has gone from, “Get out of my office,” at any mention of the cloud, to, “Honestly, what’s taking you so long?”

And the chiefs who used to kick you out of their office? Many of their agencies are now using cloud technologies to better serve their citizens.

Next Steps

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