Why Forrester Listed Hexagon Among Location Intelligence Platform Providers

We are proud to announce our inclusion in Forrester’s exclusive Now Tech: Location Intelligence Technologies, Q3 2019 report.

In this report, Forrester provides an overview of location intelligence technology vendors based on their size and functionality. Forrester advises readers to evaluate technology vendors based on their ability to help them:

  • Make sense of big spatial and customer location data.
  • Democratize advanced spatial insights.
  • Scale intelligent business decisions, actions, and experiences with location.

In the report, Hexagon is listed in the large market presence and location intelligence platform segments.

According to Forrester, location intelligence platforms provide a cohesive set of location data management, spatial analytics, and location execution software.

Advanced spatial data science tools, applications specific to market verticals, and platform location services and functionality are some of the characteristics that are highly present among location intelligence platforms and that are clearly present in Hexagon’s Geospatial division’s product stack.

Advanced Spatial Data Science Tools

Spatial Modeler, our graphical interface for building and running geoprocessing workflows that is integrated in many of our products, includes machine learning algorithms-based classification operators that can be used to perform supervised and unsupervised raster and vector classification.

Our customers are using this functionality to automatically extract types of vegetation from satellite data so they can automate the attribution of subsidies to farmers, or to help calculate fire probability in specific areas by analyzing vegetation and moisture content.

Applications Specific to Market Verticals

Hexagon offers end-to-end solutions like HxGN Smart Census, a solution that was specifically designed for national statistical offices to digitally conduct their entire population and housing censuses.

Hexagon also provides products that are designed with interfaces that can be implemented and extended, enabling customers to build customized solutions that fully fit their requirements. An example is the LIDO 4D flight planning system that was developed by Lufthansa Systems. This system can connect to and process data in real time, allowing for the automation of calculating alternative routes, minimizing schedule delays and fuel costs.

Platform Location Services and Functionality

An ideal platform to monitor assets, evaluate changes, and take action, M.App Enterprise is Hexagon’s cloud-based solution that allows organizations to deploy compelling location-based business intelligence apps, called Hexagon Smart M.Apps, in 2D and 3D and on any device.

M.App Enterprise stores imagery, vector, and point cloud data, workflows, analytics, and queries, all accessible in one place from an easy-to-navigate user interface. All necessary geoprocessing is performed behind the scenes, and all end users, from top-level managers to GIS experts and field workers, see the data on their devices through an interactive map view along with charts and graphs of other relevant business data.

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