What’s New in GeoMedia Smart Client 2018?

With the 2018 release, GeoMedia Smart Client has become even smarter!

You won’t lose any more time searching for the right background imagery for your project because GeoMedia Smart Client 2018 now includes the integration of Open Street Map data into all client applications.

GeoMedia Smart Client

Connecting any GPS device just got easier! Back in version 2014 we introduced the support of GPS devices into GeoMedia Smart Client by directly integrating the NMEA streams from the GPS devices. The number of devices providing you the current location is growing and it’s sometimes not easy to keep up with all the different drives to get access to these devices. The new Windows 10 Location API lets you gather information at anytime, from anywhere, by connecting to any GPS device with GeoMedia Smart Client 2018.

GeoMedia Smart Client GPS Settings

With the cost of 4K monitors decreasing, more businesses want to integrate the increasingly popular high-definition technology. With the 2018 release, GeoMedia Smart Client now supports 4K monitors to leverage the benefits provided by this technology.

Do you want to see the new features in action? Have a look at the eTraining on the Hexagon Geospatial Community.


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