What Motivates Our Customers Emergency Management Planning

Preparation and planning is all around us, all of the time. We plan for everything and often it varies in degree: whether it’s planning what we’re having for dinner and family vacations or our five-year life plan and retirement. But why do we do so much planning? Is it really worth the time?

  • We plan so that we are effective with our tasks and goals
  • We plan out of a sense of responsibility
  • And we plan so that we don’t have to explain why we didn’t if something goes wrong

It’s okay to hope for the best as long as you’re prepared for the worst!

When looking at preparation and planning as it relates to emergency management, it’s a must for all industries. For both planned and unplanned events, preparation is key for critical situations when time and resources are constrained. Preparation and planning can help people avoid a lot of confusion and guess work, which can lead to much more effective and efficient response and decision making during a crisis event.

But preparation and planning isn’t an easy or quick task.  It often involves a lot of work and decision makers. With the introduction of Intergraph Planning & Response (IPR), we believe that we have the software tools to help our customers create better preparedness and response plans.

Here is what our customers tell us they are most concerned with when managing an emergency event:

  • What’s the situation?
  • What’s the plan?
  • Who needs to know and when?

The answers to these questions causes you to decide and act and repeat the cycle. With IPR, we are trying to help our customers’ better plan for and respond to emergency situations.

During an emergency event, things are happening fast and decisions need to be made quickly with a timely response to others involved. So, when we ask our customers, “What would be a helpful technology solution for managing an emergency situation?” The answer was quite simple. They need technology that helps them understand, decide, and respond to events and situations while keeping an audit trail.

Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure developed an emergency management solution that is simple, useful, and unobtrusive. All of these ideas are tied together within IPR It gives customers a solution that is easy to use with a clear purpose, useful in that it improves emergency management, and unobtrusive because it is a natural part of logical common workflows.

In Canada, we are presenting at a numbers of conferences where we will discuss the importance of emergency planning and response. You can learn more about these topics, as well as our IPR solution at the following conferences: OAEM, CANSEC, and CACP. We are also taking part in a webinar hosted by The Conference Board of Canada, which will discuss how a virtual EOC would work in the example of a rail disaster. Register today!

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