Webinar: Unlocking the future of cities with digital twins

How can city leaders gain a holistic view of their urban landscapes and enable data-driven decision-making with a digital twin? 

Digital twins can disrupt the status quo for city planners and administrators. Learn how in this free, one-hour, on-demand webinar hosted by SmartCitiesWorld. Experts from Hexagon and TRAGSATEC discuss how city authorities can harness this innovative technology to create smart digital realities. They also provide a walkthrough of Campo de Cartagena’s digital twin, the first of its kind in Spain. 

Discover the key concepts and practical applications of digital twins in city management, including: 

  • Understanding digital twins: Demystify the concept of digital twins and how they replicate physical assets, infrastructure and systems in a virtual environment 
  • Real-world applications: Explore use cases, including infrastructure maintenance, traffic management and emergency response, and how digital twins are driving tangible improvements in operational efficiency and public safety 
  • Data-driven decision-making: Learn how digital twins enable city decision-makers to harness vast amounts of data (from IoT sensors, data analytics and AI) to make informed and timely choices 
  • Enhancing public services: Uncover how digital twins facilitate the creation of more liveable, sustainable and resilient cities 
  • And more! 


Watch the webinar. 

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