Webcast: Enabling a Virtual Emergency Operations Center

Emergency management practices, much like emergencies, are in a constant state of flux.

Whether in response to a natural disaster or a manufactured act of aggression, no two emergencies are identical. The ability to quickly assess the situation and make appropriate decisions that involve multiple parties is critical. So, what can government agencies and private companies do to better prepare for and respond to threats of their citizens, their employees, and our infrastructure?

During this recorded webcast, we discuss Intergraph Planning & Response (IPR) – our emergency management solution, which enables response teams to achieve workplace and resource efficiencies in agencies such emergency operation centers (EOC). IPR is an integrated technology solution that provides a common operating picture that not only enables greater situational awareness for all parties, but creates a virtual EOC for mobile impact teams. This is especially important when events occur in non-urban areas, such as a rural train derailment.

If you are involved in emergency management and you would like to learn more about integrating technology into your planning and response processes, register for one of our Canadian Emergency Management Roadshows. These events are free and open to emergency operations center staff members, emergency managers, crisis management planners, or any personnel responsible for emergency management program planning, development or implementation. We hope you decide to join us.

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