Vodcast: AI in real-time crime centers

A real-time crime center (RTCC) is essentially a centralized technology hub used by law enforcement agencies to track data in real time, identify patterns and prevent and reduce crime. Many major cities have established these centers to better protect their residents, officers and communities.

RTCCs can house members of one or multiple agencies and receive large amounts of data from many sources, including video cameras, sensors, license plate readers, gunshot detection, drones, facial recognition, computer-aided dispatch systems, records management systems, electronic monitoring, the National Crime Information Center and more. This influx of data gives an RTCC a “bird’s eye view” of a situation, but it also makes zeroing in on actionable data to pass to public safety answering points or emergency communication centers tedious.

Watch as Hexagon’s Jack Williams, Francisco Urdaz and Marcela Tellez discuss the role of AI in an RTCC and how real-time incident center as a service technology with assistive AI makes all the difference.

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