Utilizing Mobile Solutions to Improve Fire Response

A major benefit for agencies using Intergraph Computer-Aided Dispatch (I/CAD) is its ability to provide field personnel with access to critical information and location details. Having access to critical information while responding to an emergency is also important to fire agencies. While responding to an event, fire personnel need to update details, access databases, and send and receive messages. By having access to a mobile solution, first responders are more connected to the command center, able to reduce their safety risks, and are more effective at protecting people and property.

During our recent webinar, “Enhancing Your Fire Incident Response with Mobility,” we demonstrated how mobile capabilities fit into a fire agency’s workflow as well as how mobility helps agencies respond quickly and effectively with the right resources. We started with a quick overview of our mobile solutions: Intergraph Mobile for Public Safety and Intergraph Mobile Responder. Then, we demonstrated these capabilities with a live scenario of an enhanced incident that included a staging area. Finally, we showed our response to the incident using mobile technology.


Here’s a look at the actions we highlighted during the 30-minute webinar, which was classified as a structure fire:

  • Highlight hazmat information and discover new hazmat information
  • Invoke staging areas for media and command post
  • Leverage multiple map services and weather data
  • Stage an evacuation
  • Highlight shift data to flag responders for replacement at a shift’s end

If you have any questions after watching the webinar, please feel free to contact me and I’ll be sure to get back to you shortly!

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