Turning the Tide with MARISA

Seas and oceans are drivers for the European economy and have great potential for innovation and growth. They represent roughly 5.4 million jobs and generate a gross added value of almost €500 billion a year.

As it is usually the case with opportunities, threats are just around the corner: piracy, smuggling, drug traffic, illegal immigration, illegal fishing, environmental crimes like oil spill and maritime accidents. In order to manage all those threats, Europe needs to enhance cross-border and cross-sectoral cooperation to deliver maritime security.

Surfing on the Waves of Collaboration

MARISA (Maritime Integrated Surveillance Awareness) is a project funded by the European Commission to improve the safety and security at sea. The most efficient way to get there is by cooperating at both national and international level. MARISA involves 22 organizations convinced to fulfill this overarching objective.

MARISA is surfing on the waves of CISE, a Common Information Sharing Environment for the EU maritime domain that was developed jointly by the European Commission and EU/EEA member states. This framework ensures effective data exchange between maritime authorities across sectors and across borders.

MARISA has four major objectives:

  • Create improved situational awareness with a focus on delivering a complete and useful comprehension of the situation at sea;
  • Support the practitioners along the complete lifecycle of situations at sea, from the observation of elements in the environment up to detection of anomalies and aids to planning;
  • Ease a fruitful collaboration among adjacent and cross-border agencies operating in the maritime surveillance sphere (Navies, Coast Guards, Customs, Border Polices) in order to pull resources towards the same goal, leading to cost efficient usage of existing resources;
  • Foster a dynamic eco-system of users and providers, allowing new data fusion services, based on a “distilled” knowledge, to be delivered to different actors at sea by the integration of a wide range of data and sensors.

Luciad Is in the Same Boat

For Luciad the MARISA project is a great opportunity to expand our presence in the Maritime and Safety&Security domain. By applying new techniques of data management, fusion and visualization, Luciad’s software will not only be enhanced but also validated in an operational environment. Through participation in MARISA, Luciad wants to gain experience to better help customers with the latest emergency, security and maritime solutions.

Find out more about Luciad’s maritime capabilities

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