Transforming the PSAP with HxGN OnCall

There was a time when we wanted to bring office tech home with us. Now, the opposite is true. We want technology from our everyday lives in the office.

Consumer technology allows us to easily collaborate with others, offers a simple user experience, and even adapts to our habits. So, why can’t we have all those things in the PSAP?

You can with HxGN OnCall, Hexagon’s next-generation public safety portfolio.

Enables Collaboration
HxGN OnCall enables multiple agencies across jurisdictions to share infrastructure to boost performance, situational awareness, capacity, and resilience, while delivering cost-savings and efficiencies. Direct communication and data sharing provide richer, more accurate information and greater coordination during major events. You can increase call-handling capacity by reducing operator workflows and offering load-sharing and mutual assistance across agencies to absorb temporary spikes in local demands. And connect to a wider community beyond police, fire, and EMS through shared insight and resources across public service providers, such as traffic control centers, transport providers, and city center control rooms.

Offers a Simple User Experience
HxGN OnCall was designed with you in mind. Hexagon’s UX lab has applied best practices from multiple rounds of user testing with nearly 500 call-takers, dispatchers, and field responders around the world. HxGN OnCall’s adaptive UI focuses attention on critical information, events, and tools, while also providing instant access to supplementary information and tools. It also improves operator actions by streamlining workflows and reducing the number of interactions needed to perform critical tasks.

Adapts to You
And speaking of simple user interfaces, HxGN OnCall also improves dispatcher actions by learning the dispatchers habits and optimizing the display of the most critical information elements and tools and hiding supplement UI components until needed. These expand on demand to reveal additional details, then collapse again when the user interaction is complete.

See this technology in action at APCO booth 931, August 11-14, in Baltimore, Maryland, or CACP booth 613, August 12-13, in Calgary, Alberta.

Or, explore the portfolio now.

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