The Key to Mission Success in C2 Operations

Whether in the command center or in theater, geospatial intelligence data and situational awareness are essential to how Defense organizations plan and execute mission-critical operations. Components-based, custom geospatial technology solutions are key to addressing the rapidly evolving needs of today’s warfighter.

In this blog series, we’ll explore how organizations such as NATO and industry partners enhance their Defense capabilities and execute Command and Control (C2) operations with our geospatial technologies.

The Role of Future-Proof Solutions

GIS systems have always been a crucial part of Defense infrastructure. Since the demands and needs of today’s warfighter change so quickly, flexible technology is necessary — technology that not only satisfies the requirements of today, but also provides the basis for agile development to exceed the needs of tomorrow. The best answer is a solid set of APIs, or versatile “building blocks,” so users can rapidly develop and deploy integrated open solutions that respond to current demands and can evolve to meet the needs of all users.

Hexagon’s Luciad Portfolio software is ideally suited for adaptation to meet the evolving requirements of any modern Defense system. When a custom, mission-specific solution is needed, Hexagon can create one to exact specifications.

Shared situational awareness,  the use of common foundation mapping, and key geointelligence are important factors for mission success, as is the ability to incorporate military symbology and other specific standards.

For more details on how Hexagon solutions achieve all of this and more, read our white paper on end-to-end solutions for military land operations.

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