Streamlining transportation efforts in Zürich

Public transport networks are complex; an error or delay in one segment can cause a ripple effect down the line. VBZ, the public transport operator in Zürich, uses Hexagon’s geospatial solutions to manage its networks and optimize transportation efforts across the city.

VBZ’s fleet includes street cars and buses, and not only does the company operate the network, but it’s also responsible for planning, construction, and maintenance. On top of that, VBZ must take into account citizens and other city departments when managing its infrastructure.

This means VBZ needs precise plans and must work efficiently so that traffic is not interrupted for too long. Disruption on its network, such as broken rails, must be detected in advance so that it affects passengers as little as possible. And even as the network gets busier, VBZ’s resource allocation remains largely unchanged.

Timon Zueger, head of the GIS division at VBZ, recently recorded a podcast outlining how Hexagon tech helps VBZ overcome these challenges and more. Listen now to hear what he had to say!

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