Sneak peek! HxGN LIVE Global coming June 12-15

Think back on your best trip – what do you remember? Usually, it’s a specific moment – something you experienced or felt, or a conversation that sparked some kind of change. Those moments help you move forward in a different, better direction.

Throughout my career, I’ve had the opportunity to attend more than a few conferences and continue to believe that HxGN LIVE provides something special and unparalleled in our industry. We are about the little details – tailoring your unique experience and exceeding your expectations. We are excited to share our innovation through sessions, keynotes and insightful panels driven by your peers and leaders in your space. But we also recognize the value of private meetings, networking opportunities and time to have conversations that allow you to grow in your career – and help your organization take that next step on its journey.

If this is your first time considering joining us, below are some key details to get you started. If you are coming back, we are thrilled to see you again in a few months.

HxGN LIVE Global 2023 is set to take place June 12-15 at CAESARS FORUM in Las Vegas. This year’s event will feature our newest technologies and most popular solutions, along with innovative and inspiring keynotes detailing the future and power of digital reality and autonomy.

Choose from a variety of topic-centered summits and get unique content tailored to your industry and expertise.

Here’s a sneak peek at the first confirmed sessions for each of the summits!

Future of Public Safety Summit

Featured sessions include:

  • 6 Degrees of Modernization: Public Safety Strategies
    The key trends shaping public safety are interconnected, and in this session we’ll explore six priorities and challenges facing agencies and introduce a roadmap for modernization.
  • Cut Through the Data Noise with AI for Real-Time Crime Centers
    Explore how AI-enabled solutions can help real-time crime centers cut through the data noise by flagging anomalies and patterns, providing proactive recommendations in real time and tasking teams to act on the intel.
  • From Funding to Go-Live: The Journey of a Project
    Ensure the success of your project’s journey – from initial concept to potential funding tools (including grants) and project management.

NOTE: Registration includes access to our free, hands-on public safety trainings that will take place Monday, June 12.

Geospatial Asset Management Summit

Featured sessions include:

  • Using AI to Automate Location Intelligence
    Learn how AI can create 3D meshes, level-of-detail objects and a land cover layer from data to provide semantic information about vegetation, land use, buildings and more.
  • Smart EAM for Better Asset Performance
    EAM and APM capabilities are evolving, and this session will focus on the technology that has led this movement and where it will be in the future.
  • Urban Digital Twins
    Discover how digital twin technology – more than just a 3D city model – can help administrators and urban planners maintain their municipalities and even mitigate the effects of weather.
  • Technology Ecosystems for Building Resilient Networks
    Explore innovative solutions that improve the resilience and sustainability of critical services and infrastructure by transforming complex data into meaningful, interactive information.
  • Digital Realities for Energy
    Learn how every stage, from planning, designing, manufacturing, building, operating and optimizing renewable energy production can be done in the metaverse.

Digital Defense Summit

Featured sessions include:

  • Accelerating Geospatial Data Collection Through AI/ML
    As the sheer amount of geospatial data defense organizations collect increases, how can it be ingested without overburdening geospatial specialists?
  • Establishing Resilience Across C6ISR Platforms
    Evolving threats mean C6ISR capabilities are needed to improve situational awareness, provide secure and faster communications and accelerate threat detection.
  • Reality of the Defense Metaverse
    Any modern conflict can only be won on the physical battlefield by dominating the digital battlefield, so any commander in 2023 must have an assured, secure, up-to-date digital reality.

HxGN LIVE Global is where connections happen

More than 3,000 of the world’s top professionals attend HxGN LIVE Global. They gather because they know they will form valuable connections through new knowledge, ideas and relationships with others. That results in acceleration and innovation for their careers, teams and businesses.

Those connections happen in several ways: keynotes, summits, The Zone (hands-on demos and inspiring stories about the latest innovations in digital reality tech), and evening events.

No matter your role, HxGN LIVE Global 2023 promises new connections that can change the course of your career and business. Meet others, gain tools, form innovative ideas and experience the future.

Register today!

Registration for HxGN LIVE Global 2023 is open now. Our special Early Bird rate expires April 18, so sign up today to lock in your rate and save your spot!


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Jason Sims is the chief marketing officer for Hexagon’s Safety, Infrastructure & Geospatial division. Focusing on digital transformation and data-driven insights, he spearheads creative initiatives to positively impact the business. Sims began his tenure with Hexagon in 2007, with leadership experience across three divisions. Prior to his current role, he led other marketing teams within Hexagon, as well as inside sales, partner management and Hexagon’s Google reseller business. Sims holds a BS in geography with a GIS concentration and a BS in technical communication from James Madison University.

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