Serbia’s Progressive Approach to Geospatial Data Management

Situated at the crossroads between Central and Southeast Europe, the Republic of Serbia is an evolving nation with an economy grounded in energy, agriculture, transportation and manufacturing.

Today, these industries in Serbia rely on geospatial solutions to drive competitive differentiation and enhance overall strategic decision-making. Serbia also has a national spatial data infrastructure that provides a wide-range of information for collecting, processing and sharing spatial data with public authorities and other users.

Located in Belgrade, Serbia, Hexagon Geospatial partner Vekom is helping to play a significant role in advancing the use of these geospatial innovations by the commercial and public sector in the nation.

Using Hexagon Geospatial technologies, the organization has supported some of the most important projects in Serbia.  These include the development of the Geospatial Portal for the Republic Administration for Geodetic and Property Affairs, as well as providing support for the Republic Geodetic Authority in Serbia and the Montenegro Real Estate Administration.

In April, the company hosted its “Vekom & Friends” user conference, which brought together more than 500 Hexagon Geospatial users in the region.  The event served as a foundation for Vekom to provide updates on the Hexagon Geospatial Power Portfolio and other solutions.

“With Hexagon Geospatial, we have a bigger portfolio of products that we can provide to our customers,” said Veljko Fustic of Vekom. “We can offer a complete solution from the sensor to the most useful information, and our vision for the future is to deliver useful information through mobile applications.”

For nations such as Serbia, partners like Vekom are on the forefront of delivering Hexagon Geospatial solutions in ways that advance both government and industry efforts.  We applaud Vekom for its effort and look forward to sharing more success stories from this important partner in a region that is poised for dramatic geospatial growth.

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