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Planetek Italia is an Italian SME company, established in 1994, which employs 45 professional men and women, passionate and skilled in geoinformatics, space solutions, and earth science. Planetek’s core business is based on information sciences and space technologies applied to land management and space exploration. Planetek is a Hexagon Geospatial dealer in Italy for GIS, remote sensing, photogrammetry, and geospatial solutions.

We design new processes and solutions that simplify the use of geo-localized information to produce and generate knowledge, and to enable our users to act in an informed and timely manner. We work in all phases of the life cycle of geo-localized data: acquisition, storage, management, analysis, and sharing. In addition, the company is one of the main Italian satellite data resellers and value-added providers.

One of our products, Preciso® land is a solution for Urban Planning. It offers a single cognitive base to support the planning process. Preciso land is a multilevel cartographic database made up of geometrically congruent georeferenced layers obtained by EO data processing. It supplies timely information on the conditions of the territory, which can be quickly updated to describe the changes that have occurred.


A view of a Preciso® land raster data published in M.App Chest

Last week, we tested M.App Chest within the production and selling of this product. Because our users are involved in all the phases of the creation of our value-added products, we used M.App Chest to show our customer the step-by-step results of our progressive elaborations, and let him validate the results. In this way, it was easier to receive customer feedback and to fine-tune the production to best fit his needs.

We loaded and published Preciso land raster data through M.App Chest and shared these contents with our customer through WMS services.

A view of a Preciso® land buildings raster layer published in M.App Chest

A view of a Preciso® land buildings raster layer published in M.App Chest

The use of M.App Chest made interaction with our customer easier and allowed us to save a lot of time! This is very important when you work with a user-centric model.

Our client was very satisfied and, in addition, M.App Chest helped us to minimize the demands on storage capacity, and the associated operating and cooling power requirements.

We recommend everyone to try M.App Chest. People are more and more demanding and their lifestyles are extremely dynamic. The flexibility becomes, therefore, a crucial element in every situation.

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