Real-world Change Happens Fast; Now, Your Maps Can Keep Up

Traditional mapping processes are slow. Long, multi-step workflows stand in the way of new data becoming finished products. By the time new maps are made, the data is already old.

For maps to provide a true representation of the real world, they have to be dynamic, matching the pace of change. Siloed mapping processes must become connected, and 3D digital realities must replace static end products.

But map production requires data acquisition, processing, analysis, and dissemination. Is there room to speed up the process?

Antaragrafik Systems, a Hexagon partner based in Malaysia, has redefined the workflow for creating digital map products with their new IT infrastructure solution. Created with Hexagon technology, the Digital Reality Mapping Framework, or DRMF, brings previously disconnected processes into a single ecosystem to produce more accurate maps more quickly.

DRMF delivers high-quality, timely, and relevant data products in formats like .pdf, desktop, web-based, mobile, and web services. The end products are especially suitable for:

  • Government agencies 
  • Local authorities 
  • Utilities 
  • Agriculture 
  • Insurance 
  • Property management 
  • Transportation 

In this video, see how DRMF provides a sustainable data lifecycle and cutting-edge map products. 

Learn more about Antaragrafik Systems on their website.

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