Real-time collaboration tools for multistakeholder operations

The move to Multi-Domain Operations (MDO) is a significant change in how NATO and national defence agencies approach conducting military activities across all operating domains. The sphere of MDO stakeholders extends from the traditional military commands and units, to external stakeholders including academia, industry and NGOs of NATO members, partners and international organisations. Given the speed of information, data flows and adversarial capabilities, a need to share, compare and discuss decisions in real time has to leverage modern technologies, including cloud infrastructure, defence Internet of Things (IoT) sensors and artificial intelligence (AI) to help outpace adversaries. 

HxGN Connect enables organisations to easily share and act on data in a secure environment to power real-time incident and operations centres. As a cloud-native, real-time command centre delivered as a service, it allows the secure sharing of information to coordinate action based on different types of data, including assets, events and incidents, units, cameras, alarms and more. As new sensors come online, the data is made available to stakeholders via a proven data integration platform, allowing data interfaces to be built and managed. 

With a software as a service (SaaS) offering, the deployment is simplified and reduces barriers to entry, with no need to procure, manage or maintain new IT infrastructure. Thus new stakeholders can join quickly as a situation dictates. This allows the inclusion of internal departments and external partners, for communication and collaboration, with responsibly and securely shared data under the conditions the owner can set. The user interface can be configured to fit organisations of differing operating styles, cultures and workflows. Ad-hoc layouts can be created in seconds for specific needs whether operational or for a stakeholder. 

Having a collaborative platform on which to share information and make decisions will help achieve military advantage to out-think and out-partner adversaries. The access controls help break down barriers inherent in data sharing, through responsibly and securely sharing the data between stakeholders, with selected viewers and controlled by preset conditions. 

Specifically, for MDO and the orchestration of military activities between stakeholders, HxGN Connect can:  

  • Help organisations manage incidents, share data and coordinate action  
  • Assure ease of operation for stakeholders with minimal training 
  • Seamlessly transition from routine tasks to operational mode 
  • Remove technical and organisational barriers to collaboration through SaaS deployment 
  • Allow stakeholders to retain ownership and control of their data 
  • Offer a lower cost of ownership through simplified data integration, system deployment and maintenance

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