Ready to Move to the Cloud? How to Get Started

So, you’ve decided to transition your public safety agency’s systems to the cloud.

Now what?

While cloud migration may be an inevitable part of your digital transformation journey, it’s not always clear what steps you should take to make that prospect a reality.

In our new e-book, we discuss how cloud technology can help your agency make more efficient use of resources and enable greater resilience for the future. For organizations that have committed to cloud migration, we also provide some tips for getting started.

Next steps

Check out three steps you should take to move your agency to the cloud:

  1. Get stakeholder support – Gaining buy-in throughout your organization is key to a successful start. If you haven’t done so already, begin having conversations with users, executives, IT staff, and others within your agency to create a game plan for cloud migration.
  2. Consider the future – Explore how cloud capabilities will increase efficiency and strengthen response within your organization. This will help your agency repurpose existing resources or better balance workloads across teams.
  3. Explore possibilities – Look for ways the cloud can streamline operations and open up new opportunities for your organization. The possibilities are endless!

Learn more

To discover the benefits of cloud migration, download Moving Public Safety to the Cloud, our new e-book available at no cost to you. You can also explore HxGN OnCall, Hexagon’s software portfolio designed to help public safety agencies of all sizes be better prepared for tomorrow.

Natively built in the Microsoft Azure cloud environment, HxGN OnCall deployed as a managed service is easily configurable and accessed via browsers and mobile apps. Unlike other solutions on the market, it reduces the total cost of ownership and helps organizations adapt more quickly to changing situations.

Not quite ready to take the leap? We get it. Our solutions are also available on-prem and can be customized to meet your agency’s unique needs.

Discover HxGN OnCall today!

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