Power Portfolio 2018 Is Here!

You’ve been eagerly anticipating updates of your favorite Hexagon Geospatial flagship products, and we’re happy to announce the wait is finally over. Power Portfolio 2018 is now available for  download! In the upcoming weeks, we will release a series of blogs from the developers about the latest and greatest features from each product line.

Power Portfolio organizes Hexagon Geospatial’s products into suites, combining the best photogrammetry, remote sensing, GIS, and cartography technologies available. The Producer, Provider and Platform suites contain globally-recognized products that organizations rely on every day. Here’s a look at some of the exciting new features from the 2018 release.

What’s New in Producer Suite

What if you could use the power of Machine Learning to help you find objects scattered across the earth’s surface with greater accuracy and in a fraction of the time? New operators in ERDAS IMAGINE enable machine-learning classification. Operators in Spatial Modeler can be used to significantly reduce  processing time, continuously improve feature libraries, and dramatically improve accuracy. Use the operators for “divide and conquer” workflows to eliminate images or areas of images that do not contain desired features. The reduced subset of images can then be further processed using IMAGINE Objective for final GIS products.

Ever wonder what’s going on inside your GIS solution? What if you could get a flow chart view into the processes and parameters being used to derive the answer? GeoMedia users can now execute spatial models on the data in their GeoWorkspace, capturing spatial model results for presentation in GeoMedia’s rich map display system, and for downstream dynamic analysis and output. The power to create models visually, to parameterize those models for flexibility in execution, and to mix feature and raster data in powerful ways, is now available to expand the analytical power of GeoMedia.

Scores of new earth observation satellites are launched into orbit each year, providing daily coverage of the earth’s surface. How can you harness this influx of data to inform your decision-making? ImageStation users can harness data with expanded high-resolution satellite support. We expanded satellite support of RPC-formatted data to include many additional sensors, such as Pleiades, SPOT-6, SPOT-7, KOMPSAT, and RapidEye. Now you can maximize the use of nearly every commercial high-resolution satellite source.

What’s New in Provider Suite

Have you ever thought, “This is good, but I could do it better. I could make it perfect for my site with just a few tweaks”? Introducing developer friendly RESTful APIs that allow you to fully customize and integrate ERDAS APOLLO into your own solutions. RESTful APIs use simple HTTP requests rather than requiring Java programming experience, making them easier to integrate into existing software packages. The exposed ERDAS APOLLO web services are better integrated into various applications by allowing only those modules needed for a customer’s particular needs or workflows to be integrated.

There’s a new workflow in GeoCompressor for creating multiple output files that are clipped to a polygon selected from a shapefile. Now, you can create an output file for each state or county, where a shapefile containing the polygons defining those states or counties is specified from either a single file or a virtual mosaic of many input files.

What’s New in Platform Suite

You want to capture data in the real world anytime and anywhere. What if you could easily integrate with all your GPS devices without collecting their streams individually? GeoMedia Smart Client lets you easily connect to any GPS device via the Windows 10 Geolocation API, making it easy to capture data in the real world anytime and anywhere. Using the unified API, applications can access the information provided by large numbers of devices. Previously, GPS device support was accomplished by directly integrating the NMEA streams from GPS devices; using the Geolocation API removes the need to keep up with collecting individual GPS device information.

You are standing where you want to build your dream home. What if you could look up flood zones, ownership information, and parcel details right from your phone? The Consumer layout available in Geospatial Portal and GeoMedia WebMap has been enhanced to display layers from vector feature classes published through WFS. Consumer websites can now easily display cadastral parcels, buildings, and other vector data, offering highlights, tooltips and feature properties for web and mobile users.

Not sure your city budget spending on infrastructure is optimal? Become a smart city and plan it with a Smart M.App on top of your regular GIS and budget data. You can now connect to Hexagon Smart M.Apps from GeoMedia WebMap. Local government bodies that use GeoMedia to manage their geospatial data and GeoMedia WebMap to publish websites can now publish selected information and create a Smart M.App to show a visual representation of that data, for example budget spending on infrastructure. Combining it with available census data allows easy budget spending analysis and also improves the budget planning process.

Thinking about all of the steps to get your map-based web portal ready and filled with data can be overwhelming. Don’t you wish someone would make it easier? Significantly improved workflow in GeoMedia WebMap reduces the service and portal publishing process to a single page in GeoMedia WebMap Publisher Administrator.

What if you could easily enlist hundreds of citizen activists to help you locate and identify invasive plant species in your region? Now, Mobile Alert users can customize their own app and see what others are reporting by using new companion Smart M.Apps. With Mobile Alert Configurator Smart M.App, you can subscribe, configure, edit, and maintain your own Mobile Alert subscription. With Mobile Alert Viewer Smart M.App, you can display real-time, dynamic views of incidents reported by other Mobile Alert users, use interactive charts, and download reports.

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