Planning & Response: 6 Big Advantages of the Common Operating Picture

From high-level state visits and political demonstrations to natural catastrophes and terrorist attacks, special operations and events often require the coordination of multiple public safety and emergency management agencies. But providing real-time information and communication to every agency involved can be a considerable strain on IT infrastructure and network systems. Special operations and events can also interfere with the day-to-day operations of dispatch call centers. To reduce this burden and disruption, Intergraph Planning and Response (IPR) facilitates effective communication and collaboration support for scheduled and unexpected events.

IPR is an exciting addition to the software offerings from Intergraph Canada. The solution was developed to meet the needs of companies and agencies to prepare, plan, and manage large- and small-scale operations. One of IPR’s most powerful features is the common operating picture – a single identical display of relevant (operational) information shared by multiple agencies. Along with collaborative planning and situational awareness capabilities, IPR’s common operating picture offers six major advantages to public safety and emergency management agencies. Here they are.

1. Map

IPR’s map provides the ability to place symbols for units, tactile symbols and other annotations by dragging and dropping from a list. Users can query the map data to look for information based on geography and create graphical areas to show where the operation is located, areas affected and deployment of resources. Users can also change the layers of the map to display additional information that may become available. Once the operation is complete, IPR enables analysis by reviewing when data was added, removed or updated on the map, in the order changes occurred.

2. Portal

The portal provides a permanent status bar (operation, function, online status), tab-based windows control, notifications, and overview of running operations with the ability to quickly switch between operations.

3. Command

The command tab is used for message exchanges, issuing of orders and monitoring of status of tasks. Eachuser will be presented with their tasks, as well as any other tasks they have permission to see. As new tasks are assigned, they appear automatically in the task list, and users have the option to be notified through e-mail. Users can change the status of tasks to show others what is being done. For example, a task can be marked as received, in progress, completed or any other status defined by the agency or company.

4. Mind Map

Included in the IPR software is an innovative mind map module, enabling users to outline planning and decision processes. The tool uses drag and drop to manipulate the process or for restructuring. The mind map information can be added to a report.

5. Interfaces

IPR seamlessly integrates with Intergraph’s computer-aided dispatch system, I/CAD. This guarantees smooth interaction between a command and control center and the command staff post. IPR can be integrated with other applications, such as video, communication systems, dispersal of hazardous substances, and more.

6. Untethered Usage

IPR has the ability to run in a disconnected mode, allowing users a complete set of forms, templates and map for operation on a laptop. Once a user reconnects to the network, the data is uploaded to the database.

If you are involved in emergency management and you would like to learn more about integrating technology into your planning and response processes, register for one of our Canadian Emergency Management Roadshows. These events are free and open to emergency operations center staff members, emergency managers, crisis management planners, or any personnel responsible for emergency management program planning, development or implementation. We hope you decide to join us.

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