Peek Under the Hood of I/CAD 9.4

Today we unveiled Intergraph Computer-Aided Dispatch (I/CAD) 9.4, the latest version of our suite of industry-leading incident management software.

Since we released I/CAD 9.3, the operational, technical, and business needs of public safety agencies around the world have continued to rapidly evolve. With the release of I/CAD 9.4, public safety agencies will have access to new and enhanced capabilities that will help deliver even faster response and more efficient use of resources.

Here’s a look at the new capabilities I/CAD users will find in version 9.4.

Better Supported Large Events and Incident Command
With staging areas, critical remarks for dispatchers, and event chronology for post incident activities, I/CAD 9.4 delivers new capabilities that enhance support for large event and incident command workflows as well day-to-day operations. Significant improvements have also been made for facilities, diversions, and unit transports, including the ability to define manual diversions with time limits and automatic diversions with configurable rules and recommendation settings.

Increased Efficiency for Mobile and Web Application
The combination of challenging operational environments and small devices underscores the critical importance of efficient workflows and effective user interfaces for mobile public safety applications. With filtered displays, dynamic map content, and expanded capabilities for Intergraph Mobile for Public Safety and Intergraph Mobile Responder, Intergraph I/CAD 9.4 delivers a range of mobile and web application enhancements that streamline workflows, simplify interaction, and present information more clearly for faster response and increased officer safety.

Enhanced Call-handling, Including Text Messages
I/CAD 9.4 offers new and enhanced capabilities for managing calls, including a new text-to-the-PSAP option. Agencies now have the option to deploy emergency SMS call-taking as a self-contained capability, without having to take on full voice and text control. Significant work has also been done to improve incident location tracking in accordance with evolving NG911 and i3 standards.

Upgraded Platforms
I/CAD 9.4 provides support for a number of upgraded enterprise platforms including: Windows 10, SQL Server 2016, and Oracle 12.2.

In the coming months, we will be releasing new products compatible with I/CAD 9.4, including a web-based dispatching application, a reporting and dashboard application, a web-based analytics application, and an integration hub for a public safety mobility ecosystem.

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