Paris Water Utility Focuses on Sustainable Farming with New Aid Project

When you think of water utility companies, you’re probably more likely to associate their work with the clean water you have access to in your home than with the farmland at the edge of your city.

Eau de Paris, France’s leading public water company, is challenging that perception with their new 10-year aid project in conjunction with the Seine Normandy Water Agency to support farmers in adopting more sustainable practices. Designed to enhance resource protection in the catchment areas of Paris, the project is expected to support nearly 200 farms and 25,000 hectares of land (nearly 62,000 acres) with 74 million euros in grants.

The farming practices adopted during the project, for example, could include limiting the use of fertilizers, pesticides, growth activator, and other non-natural products, as well as promoting the development of organic farming and grassland. Ultimately, this will mean cleaner drinking water and preserved biodiversity in Paris.

Farmers who are selected to receive grants will be expected to reach certain sustainability targets and will be supported for up to seven years – enough time to set the stage for lasting change.

Managing and Monitoring the Project’s Success with M.App Enterprise

Eau de Paris’ sustainable farming project will require large-scale data management and visualization, workflow management solutions, and scalable analytics to support the entire lifecycle of the project. Luckily, they are able to meet all of those requirements with M.App Enterprise from Hexagon’s Geospatial division.

“A project of this importance, with its impact for the future, requires the right tools to properly execute,” said Alexandre Rat, Eau de Paris GIS head executive. “Hexagon’s GIS technologies promote collaboration and allow stakeholders to study how projects are progressing in real time. With these capabilities, we have assurance our grants are benefiting both farmers and water for years to come.”

M.App Enterprise is an enterprise platform that lets users monitor processes and assets by processing all of their operational data in a single platform. With M.App Enterprise, users can leverage machine learning algorithms, visualize results in 2D and 3D in interactive dashboards, and set up workflows for use in the office or the field.

The platform will enable farmers, Eau de Paris, and the Seine Normandy Water Agency to collaborate during the project with maps, dashboards, smart forms, and specific workflows. The solution will integrate farmers’ requests from the field, including alphanumeric and graphic information, with validation and monitoring capabilities.

Eau de Paris acquired M.App Enterprise from Hexagon’s Safety & Infrastructure division as an existing customer, and the Safety & Infrastructure division is providing all implementation, deployment, and support services for the platform throughout the project.

“Sustainability is a top focus for Hexagon, and we’re proud to support Eau de Paris as they prioritize long-lasting sustainability efforts within the city,” said Christoph De Preter, chief sales officer of Hexagon’s Geospatial division. “The decision to use M.App Enterprise for this initiative means that stakeholders will benefit from a robust analytics platform that visualizes relevant data in a way that supports quick understanding and decision-making.”

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