Our Virtual Transportation Summit Has Begun! Here’s a Look at What You Can Learn.

Join the hundreds of other transportation professionals that have already signed up for exclusive virtual learning at our Virtual Transportation Summit, available now!

You’ll hear from industry experts and government officials about the latest industry research, product development news, and solution-oriented topics. Here’s a look at what you can learn during two of our featured presentations.

Optimizing Road Safety Improvements with Data-Driven Decision Making

Bruce Aquila Bruce Aquila | Executive Transportation Consultant

Improving the safety of the transportation system is among the highest priorities for any jurisdiction. Programs like Vision Zero and Toward Zero Deaths are necessary to meet local and federal objectives and keep taxpayers happy. They’re designed to preserve lives and maximize the efficiency of movement within the system, and using data to drive decision-making both within these initiatives and during daily operations can play a large role in helping transportation agencies achieve their objectives. Hexagon can help you collect and make sense of relevant data so you can optimize road safety improvements for the best possible outcomes.

Location Intelligence in Transportation

Bruce Chaplin | Vice President, Transportation SolutionsBruce Chaplin

Transportation in North America is big business, with millions of licensed drivers, trillions of miles traveled, and billions of dollars in infrastructure work done annually. Hexagon’s goal is to make it easier for customers to gain insight through 5D location intelligence, and in transportation that means mapping, modeling, and analyzing networks and assets to streamline operations. Whether you work for a transportation agency, engineering company, or service provider, Hexagon’s solutions for road, rail, maritime, and aviation can help you overcome challenges and optimize how you do business with smarter investments and increased operational efficiency.

These presentations and more are available today, but only for a limited time. To access them, register now!

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