Ordnance Survey Helps Transform a Static Map into Dynamic Hexagon Smart M.App

Maps are a great way of conveying data, but our world changes so quickly that a static map cannot keep pace. To make informed decisions, we must build a dynamic mapping “information service” that combines historical and current data, allowing us to identify trends and clearly communicate with customers. This is the goal of the Hexagon Smart M.App, but even the best map is only as good as the data used to fuel it.

Accurate and timely data are the building blocks of any map, and that is why Hexagon Geospatial is partnering with Ordnance Survey. Ordnance Survey is world-renowned for its expertise in capturing and translating content into useful information to help governments, companies and individuals understand ‘place.’ In Britain, public sector agencies and local municipalities rely heavily on the Ordnance Survey’s data for planning, emergency services and other citizen-focused needs. Since 2012, Ordnance Survey International has been helping other nations, national mapping agencies and governments, to grow their geospatial capability.

This kind of partnership is exactly what the Hexagon Smart M.App needs to fuel the M.App of the Future. By forging content partnerships with innovative enterprises such as Ordnance Survey, Hexagon Smart M.Apps will be able to establish a new paradigm in mapping.

Watch this video to learn more about OS and dynamic Hexagon Smart M.Apps.

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