Optimize your asset management with a digital twin

Digital twins are the tool of the future. Virtual, real-time representations of the physical world are crucial for collecting data and running simulations. Therefore, digital twins are key to helping improve rail operations.

BIM, reality capture and digital asset management are driving innovation in a number of industries, including transportation. They help organizations understand the roles, futures and dependencies of their networks and assets so they can create adequate business processes and identify potential improvements and optimization potential.

In the rail industry, digital twins are accelerating transformation — for example, by enabling preventive maintenance through dynamic infrastructure monitoring.

During a recent webinar, we discussed this and more, including how technology can help solve today’s transportation challenges. With real-world use cases and examples of how a digital twin can improve existing processes to generate ROI, you’ll see how digital asset management is leveraging and benefiting from digital twins and how they can enhance your operations.

Watch the full webinar to learn more.

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