Case study: Combating land encroachment in Egypt

More than 1.5 million cases of land encroachment have been recorded by the Egyptian government, but because the process to reclaim the land is expensive, less than 400,000 of those cases have been resolved. The government announced measures to stop various subsidies as a continuation of an agreement with governors to give officials the ability to confront violators, enforce restrictions and prevent encroachment.

To address this growing issue, EDGE-Pro, the leading provider of geospatial services in Egypt and the
Middle East, cooperated with Hexagon using the latest technology to develop an automated change detection solution that would dramatically speed up the monitoring and inspection processes of protected government lands. The solution is powered by Hexagon’s ERDAS IMAGINE technology and M.App Enterprise platform.

“The solution allows users to monitor changes from space in the blink of an eye,” said Mohamed Omar, EVP at EDGE-Pro. “It enables them to monitor, evaluate and maximize their resources by providing the necessary data to guide strategic planning, the design and implementation of projects and the most beneficial allocation of resources.”

Download the full case study.

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