Modernizing legacy public safety systems to improve operations

The No. 1 goal of public safety agencies is to protect the wellbeing of the residents and communities they serve, swiftly and efficiently, but outdated legacy technology can make this harder than it needs to be. Modernization and digital transformation are the answer, but implementing new technology and workflows is challenging.

That’s what makes selecting the right technology partner – not just a vendor – so critical.

A public safety partner should deliver innovative, yet practical solutions backed by research and development, be with an agency through each stage of implementation and continue to offer support long after a system is up and running.

Let’s explore how three different agencies chose to partner with Hexagon to improve operations.

A public safety platform for today and tomorrow

Mobile County

The Mobile County Communications District (MCCD) in south Alabama handles about 350,000 calls every year across 15 partner agencies in the area. It also provides mutual dispatch aid to neighboring counties and smaller regional dispatch centers when needed.

Powered by Hexagon’s computer-aided dispatch (CAD) solution, MCCD’s mobile unit transformed its operations to meet the needs of any situation – especially during large population swells and natural disasters. In addition to having the CAD system onboard, the unit has P25 radio, multiple satellite connections and allows for internet connectivity. The unit is a standalone, self-contained PSAP fully integrated with all of the MCCD’s public safety software systems, so it can be used independently or as another seat for the main dispatch center.


The 2,400 police officers and civilian employees of the Grand Ducal Police in Luxembourg have a large job, serving and protecting the country’s almost 1 million inhabitants. As part of a government services improvement initiative, Luxembourg determined that while the police force’s self-developed CAD software was fully responsive to user requests, it needed to deliver more complete incident management capabilities backed by continuous support and a vendor service level agreement (SLA). To better serve the public, improve incident management countrywide and meet its goals, the Grand Ducal Police selected Hexagon’s industry-leading CAD system.

“We have an open and direct relationship and teams both here and at Hexagon who are totally dedicated to this project,” said Vito de Michele, project manager operations control system for the Grand Ducal Police. “Hexagon’s CAD system satisfies and even exceeds our operational needs, but the support we receive makes Hexagon a trusted partner and service provider – not just a software vendor.”

Huntsville-Madison County

Huntsville is Alabama’s most populous city and one of the fastest-growing metro areas in the state. Serving the public safety needs of this growing region are the dedicated staff of the Huntsville-Madison County 911 Center (HMC 911) who dispatch more than 240,000 emergency calls every year. Its 30,000-square-foot facility houses eight local public safety agencies and their 200 employees. Wanting to modernize its operations in line with a growing service area and evolving technology, HMC 911 partnered with Hexagon almost 30 years ago to implement Hexagon’s industry-leading CAD solution and became Hexagon’s first multi-agency customer. As the CAD solution is easily integrated with other systems, it enables HMC 911 to continue to harness new technologies and additional data to deliver better service during emergencies and major events.

“We’re able to buy the best stuff that’s out there. And many, many years ago, we found Hexagon, and we’ve been great partners ever since,” said HMC 911 Director Ernie Blair. “Because of Hexagon technology, somebody in here saves a life, protects property and just overall makes life better, and the quality of life in Huntsville, Alabama, better.”

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