Mobilizing First Responders with HxGN OnCall

The past few weeks have been a whirlwind of activity since the global launch of HxGN OnCall, the most comprehensive, next-generation public safety product portfolio on the market today. Thirty years of domain experience inspired us to develop a product suite that can easily adapt and react to your public safety agency’s needs including demands you may not know exist yet.

Because the world we live in is “always on“, it’s important the tools our first responders use allow them to always stay connected. Thankfully, HxGN OnCall mobile products offer this vital connectivity to ensure safe, efficient, and effective operations. As the product manager for HxGN OnCall field mobility solutions, I’m excited about what this means for public safety agencies and their communities.

Why HxGN OnCall Mobile Solutions?


In emergency situations, first responders and patrol officers need access to clear communication and critical information. These demanding events require decisive action, and responders cannot afford to wait or work with only part of the picture. Instead, they need tools that will help them improve performance, increase productivity, and keep personnel safe.

HxGN OnCall mobile solutions are here to help. They allow emergency responders to connect through mobile dispatch and records management systems, no matter where they are. Offering fast search and efficient records-capture, the products reduce administration and enhance awareness by offering browser-based clients for in-vehicle devices and mobile apps for hand-held tablets and smartphones. A clear information display – in addition to fast, accurate user interaction – gets responders out of the office and back in the field where they are most needed.

Benefits of HxGN OnCall Mobile Solutions


To enhance safety and productivity and spend more time in the community, agencies need to seamlessly connect field users through mobile dispatch and records information. Easy-to-use, task-focused mobile apps from Hexagon allow personnel to stay out on the beat longer by supporting better decision-making and faster workflows. The streamlined interface also reduces training overhead and helps personnel move from response to event updating to information gathering and back again. Here are a few benefits your agency can expect from HxGN OnCall field mobility solutions.

Enhance Safety & Response – The goal of every response scenario is for teams to take safe and effective action as quickly as possible. By improving data flows, communication, and coordination, HxGN OnCall mobile solutions easily connect all parties and focus them on a unified task. Updates posted by field personnel and AVLS/APLS tracking give dispatchers and supervisors the information needed to ensure field operations are safe and effective.

Increase Productivity – HxGN OnCall mobile solutions deliver a UX optimized for devices with smaller form factors, providing a clear information display and fast, accurate operations. They also allow field users to complete tasks directly. By enabling first responders to self-serve information requests, the solutions reduce dispatcher workload and increase PSAP capacity and productivity.

Simplify AdministrationHxGN OnCall has two main vehicles for centralized deployment: browser-based clients and mobile apps. In-vehicle clients share the same administrative capabilities as HxGN OnCall Dispatch, avoiding duplicate tasks. Hand-held mobile apps share consistent administration across incident response and patrol tools. Configuration-based customization allows agencies to adapt user interfaces, forms, and workflows more quickly than solutions that require custom coding.



The public safety landscape is constantly shifting, and first responders need tools to properly adapt and react to events that demand the best of them. HxGN OnCall field mobility solutions enhance safety, performance, and productivity by connecting users through mobile dispatch and records management systems wherever they are, no matter what the situation.

Communication is key, and with HxGN OnCall field mobility solutions, connection has never been easier.

Waylon Kenning
HxGN OnCall Field Mobility Product Manager

To learn more about HxGN OnCall mobile solutions, visit our product page.

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