Maximize Your G/Technology Investment with Mobile Link

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G/Technology enables utility operators to maintain reliable, location-based information that describes their facility network and its connectivity. Operators are able to share this information with users and systems across their organization. This backend software solution is a major and important investment for any utility company because it delivers accurate, consistent, and current records to their network of assets. It also connects to other internal business systems, which enables utility providers to fully assess, manage, and track the status of projects, equipment, and connections.

All of these G/Technology capabilities are essential to creating a full engineering and asset management lifecycle within your company. They produce the most accurate information that allow you to make sensible and informed decisions.

So how can you exploit your backend G/Technology even further? How can you utilize this investment so that its capabilities reach your employees in the field? The answer is Mobile Link.

Mobile Link is an intelligent add-on for G/Technology that has the ability to capture, edit, and update utility network data for multiple assets at a time using a single edit-on-site capability. Users are able to update attribute information to assets and redline features in the field even while in a disconnected mode. This application is used by many different types of operating crews, including field inspection groups, metering groups, vegetation management groups, and outside contracted personnel. Mobile Link is currently accessible to any Windows-based device and is built on open XML technology, which means it is fully configurable to meet various field requirements.

Mobile Link ensures that data only needs to be captured once, eliminating all paper and double data entry because once the mobile application is returned from the field, the data is automatically transferred to your G/Technology database as an XML file. Mobile Link customers have recognized a reduction in utility design and data maintenance costs by approximately 50 percent. To ensure that no incorrect data is inputted into G/Technology, the system sends a notification to managers when it has been returned from the field letting them know that new asset updates are viewable. Managers can then verify the information before incorporating it into the production environment.

Mobile Link is configurable and incorporates an organization’s workflows that include attribute update forms and maps. Once your workflows are in place, you can capture photos, videos, and documents to GIS features that create a visual reference to complement your data.

Here’s a visual of how Mobile Link works:

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Register for our upcoming Mobile Link webcast!

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