Maritime data digitization improves situational awareness

Digital transformation is key to successful operations in today’s world, and that’s especially true in the maritime industry.

Port authorities and businesses alike must be able to process and integrate digital data to optimize their workflows, and the data must be in a standard format to make it easier to integrate with existing systems. Gone are the days of manually sharing and monitoring ships and their routes on the sea — now, automated processes are crucial.

This technological approach to maritime data management is part of Maritime 4.0, an industrial development that supports using innovative ideas and capabilities like artificial intelligence, robotics, virtual reality and IoT to strengthen ship tracking and navigation.

In support of Maritime 4.0, the International Maritime Organization, the Maritime Connectivity Platform consortium and the International Port Collaborative Decision Making Council (IPCDMC) have taken up digitization initiatives to promote collaborative decision making between ports and increase situational awareness both in the water and on the coast.

Furthering the implementation of digital maritime services — sharing and visualizing data about vessels — will allow authorities to predict and prevent issues with shipping. Interoperability, meanwhile, allows users to put data in context and provides valuable insights.

Hexagon’s maritime solutions enable officials and commercial users to protect people, infrastructure and cargo at seaports and at sea with real-time analytics and intelligence technology. They also ensure security and efficiency and can provide a competitive edge.

Digitizing maritime data is just the first step toward the future of the industry, but it’s an important one. Learn more about how Hexagon can help you make the most of your fleet.


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