Maritime Awareness: What’s Next?

AI counteractivities are just the beginning of levering technological products and services to enhance maritime awareness. Hexagon is already considering the next steps and best ways to exploit new developments for maximum benefit on the seas. 

One example of this is using the Luciad Portfolio to map shipping routes in the Arctic in hopes of avoiding as many wildlife habitats as possible, thereby protecting the ecosystem and, by extension, the planet.

Another is improving cross-border cooperation in Europe with the Maritime Integrated Surveillance Awareness (MARISA) project. MARISA has four major objectives: creating improved situational awareness, supporting maritime practitioners, easing fruitful collaboration between agencies, and fostering a dynamic ecosystem of users and providers.

Information exchange 

Twenty-two partners from nine European countries worked together to develop the software, which helps enforcement organizations monitor the situation at sea. It displays data in console that aids in real-time decision making, and it has been proven through a series of trials conducted with marines, coast guards, and national ministries of defense. The trials were used to evaluate and validate the MARISA toolkit configured for various scenarios.

The EU Maritime Security Strategy calls for improved information exchange to optimize maritime surveillance, and MARISA is one of the solutions that enables countries to participate in international cooperation. Hexagon’s LuciadRIA Web Framework helps make it possible by delivering fast and accurate visualization of satellite and other imagery, vector-based data, and dynamic content.

By allowing authorities to observe elements of the oceanic environment, pool resources, and share data and knowledge, MARISA is a blueprint for what the future could look like. Securing maritime traffic and human lives is important, and the most cost-effective way to do so is through collaboration.

Enjoying this blog series? The next post will present a complete picture of the current maritime awareness situation and link to any posts you might have missed.

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