Maritime Awareness: The Complete Picture

Maritime awareness is not a single thing. It’s a combination of activities, using data collection, analysis, and visualization to keep the earth’s oceans secure. Patterns in historic and real-time information are leveraged from satellite imagery, shipping databases, location reporting, and weather tracking systems to create a complete picture of what’s happening on the water as it’s happening, enabling coast guards, navies, and national organizations to do their jobs with maximum efficiency.

Hexagon continues to develop solutions for these purposes. The Xalt | Integration framework processes data for easy transfer and interoperability between systems. The M.App Enterprise  and Luciad portfolios, meanwhile, are where data management, evaluation, and conceptualization can be streamlined. New capabilities are continually developed; 3D visualization, for example, improves projection in the pole regions of the globe, so that maritime authorities can better do their jobs even at the “ends of the earth.”

Hexagon’s goal is to regularly improve these offerings, using the newest and best technology to make seafaring as safe and lawful as possible. The future is full of exciting innovations that will help make our world a better place.

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