Maritime Awareness: AI-based Counteractivities

Gathering and creating intelligence is a huge component of maritime situational awareness, but the ultimate goal is to be able to act on that collected information with the help of technological solutions. Developing AI counteractivities is the way to achieve that objective.

Machine learning aids in determining which anomalies are worth investigating, but it does more than that. It can also present and assess multiple options for dealing with suspicious maritime activities. A trained network can process AIS reports and information from outside sources, such as ship databases and weather reports. When it determines that illicit activity is taking place, it computes a number of possible reactions based on all the data it has.

It takes into account the mission objective of catching bad actors with bad intentions, identifies all of its own units available to respond, considers their capabilities, and looks to maximize success and efficiency. Resources are used effectively with minimal effort, and cost/benefit analytics are applied.

Choosing the Right Course of Action

Once all countermeasure options are presented and assessed, the commander in chief of the enforcement agency can make a selection, then communicate the chosen plan to executing units. With AI involvement, the strategy they build will be based on historical data and the real-time situation, evaluating and predicting patterns of behavior to optimize the use of assets.

The units on the scene will also receive the information authorities used to make their decision: what made the vessel stand out as suspicious, the route it might be traveling, and — if applicable — its weapons capabilities. Being informed prepares the respondents for what they’ll be facing, so they, too, can make smart choices.

AI-based counteractivities strengthen officials’ positions to exercise their best judgment and improve the likelihood of favorable outcomes by enhancing awareness of the seas and everything on them.

Continue to follow along with this series of blog posts to learn more about what’s next in the maritime awareness world.

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