LuciadCPillar: Like a Caterpillar Transforming into a Butterfly

Think of the last time you achieved “success.” How you define it is up to you. It could be a personal win, such as mastering a new talent, or a professional one, like earning a promotion at work.

You didn’t achieve that success overnight. It likely started as an idea, something you hoped would happen. Then, you put in the work and dedication. In the end? You were successful.

That initial idea that settled in your brain and pushed you towards success was powered by your potential, the potential to do great things on your own terms.

This potential is not unlike what lies within the newest member of the Luciad Portfolio, LuciadCPillar. LuciadCPillar, which is the C “pillar” or foundation of the Luciad Portfolio, is Hexagon’s answer to the growing demand for a desktop API to allow the C++/C# community to create mission-critical solutions.

Like the transformation of a caterpillar into a butterfly, LuciadCPillar allows you to turn a modular and extensible desktop solution into a beautiful application supporting situational awareness.

A Closer Look at the Metamorphosis

With LuciadCPillar, you can create high-performance Command and Control and location intelligence applications using the programming languages that you know best.


  • The configurable C++ and C# APIs enable you to integrate a visualization component, add support for custom data or databases, employ your own symbology, or match the user interface and look and feel to your company’s unique needs and styles.

2D and 3D visualization

  • Since the same code can be used for both 2D and 3D visualization, you can easily switch between both GPU-accelerated views of static and dynamic data.

Using multi-source data

  • With LuciadCPillar, bring data from your own databases, such as vector data, imagery, and elevation data, or use custom format data, to create a common operating picture.

Military symbology in LuciadCPillar

  • Incorporate the latest military unit symbols, such as those used by the United States Department of Defense and NATO, into your solutions, even offline and without the need for a server.

With LuciadCPillar as your development solution, start with an idea, and unleash your potential.

Excited to learn more? LuciadCPillar will be available beginning March 10 as part of the Luciad Portfolio 2020 launch! Follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to stay up to date on the latest Luciad Portfolio news.

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