Leverage Your City’s Data: Sessions You Won’t Want to Miss at SCEWC 2019

Cities today have more data now than ever. Data plays a critical role in city operations, from construction projects and infrastructure management to public safety and air traffic control. Despite the growing reliance on data, many governments still struggle to use their data effectively.

And that’s a problem, because putting data to work empowers cities and nations to become smarter and more sustainable while enhancing quality of life.

Explore what your city can do when it leverages data to its full extent during these two sessions at Smart City Expo World Congress (SCEWC) in Barcelona, Spain. Be sure to click the date, time, and location to add the sessions to your calendar!

Digital Twins & Urban Planning: Bridging the Digital & Physical
19 November | 11:30 a.m. | Urban Environment Congress Room

Digital Twins, which provide a virtual replica of a product, a service or even a process, are becoming rapidly indispensable to know the pulse of a city in real time. Artificial Intelligence, advanced analytics and the Internet of Things (IoT) have added a new dimension to this modeling concept. However, implementing digital twin technology requires a strong digital culture. How can cities introduce this technology to become smarter?

During this session, Pascal Strupler of Hexagon’s Geosystem division will explore how reality capture technologies are turning entire cityscapes into 3D models, from above, on the ground and beneath the surface. Then discover how those 3D models are fused into an entire urban ecosystem that can draw and act on data from multiple sources, making unaided decisions to become smarter and smarter over time, providing the ultimate form of data leverage.With an in-depth look at the latest innovations and drawing on insights from real-world case studies, this forward-thinking keynote delivers the knowledge needed today to create the Smart Cities of tomorrow.

IoT, City Platforms & Standards
19 November | 1:45 p.m. | Expo Area – South District Agora

Cities around the world are turning to the Internet of Things (IoT) not only to enhance basic services, such as water and energy supply but to improve traffic congestion, air pollution and public safety while reducing costs.

This solution talks session will look, among others, at examples such as the European IoT Large-Scale Pilot funded by the European Commission, the collaboration of city governments in Australia to build an ambitious metropolitan wide IoT data network, several initiatives and best practices of IoT and systems implementations.

During this session, Kalyn Sims, chief technology officer with Hexagon’s Safety & Infrastructure division, will preview HxGN Connect, a SaaS-based portal that breaks down cultural and technical barriers to data collaboration and visualization. It enables any organization (i.e., public, private, voluntary)to share data and real-time intelligence with other participating partners to enable citywide situational awareness and coordination.

Even more presentations to explore
Next week, we’ll share a list of presentations that outline Hexagon’s smart city capabilities. Stay tuned!

Make plans to visit Hexagon in stand C-343 at SCEWC to discover how we can help you build a safer, smart city for all.

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